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The Life - TV Series

THE LIFE will examine, in depth, the causes, experiences, and struggles taking place in the world of under-aged sexual exploitation in New York City; from the perspectives of the exploited (teenagers), the exploiters (pimps), and those involved in the fight against under-aged sex trafficking (law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates, and private investigators, among others). In addition, we will follow one pre-adolescent female character to the trigger incident, to running away, to recruitment into “the life,” to survival on the streets and under the slavery of pimps, to escaping “the life,” and then to the reclaiming of her own life and future. This will give audiences the most thorough explanation and understanding of how victims of sexual exploitation come to be and what resources exist (and don’t exist) to help them. We will also examine how the legal and law enforcement systems are not yet fully organized and efficient nationwide. We will examine how male victims of child sex trafficking continue to fall through the cracks because most awareness and funding is geared toward helping female victims. Thus, this series also hopes to reshape government policy toward the expansion of resources and protection offered to all child victims of domestic sexual exploitation, regardless of class, race, or gender. We aim to spread awareness of this epidemic issue and to help enact positive change through safe, active participation from our viewers by providing contact information at each episode's conclusion to organizations that can help. Viewer activism is what we're striving for. Despite the gritty tone of this compelling, scripted drama, there lies a hopeful message at its core about people who fight this fight 24/7 and strive to provide a successful future for rescued youth.